Welcome to the new year's 8 week transformation challenge

you are part of one of the best damn fitness programs in all of St. Louis. our goal is to help you realize that you can stick to a fitness program longer than the usual three weeks that other gym people give up. we want to show you that you are capable of so much more than you think you are. but it's going to require hard work and determination.

this challenge is about more than losing weight or gaining muscle. It's about becoming stronger physically and mentally. developing the ability to overcome your fears and stick to a plan; even when you don't feel like it.

task 1: Accountability mondays

Every Monday by 8pm. Make a post to your favorite social media account. Tag us @TeamSam. Describe your goals for the current week. Also, share with everyone how you did the previous week. Did you do what you said you would? Did you make excuses or did you kick ass?

task 2: workout attendance

You must attend at least 2 TeamSam workouts each week. We recommend 3 or more for great results, but at least two for contest eligibility. We do allow two sessions to be made up with our online workouts at the TeamSam YouTube Page.

task 3: nutrition tracking

What you eat and how much you eat is crucial to results. If losing weight is your goal, you must be in a calorie deficit. The only way to know is to track. Download a calorie tracking app and get to monitoring. Every week you must submit a screenshot of your week by Sunday at 10pm. Email to

task 4: confidence Fridays

Similar to Monday, make a social media post and tag the studio. This time, make a public post declaring something you are proud of about yourself. It doesn't have to be complex. Maybe you did all your workouts, or did something nice for someone else. Let us know!

task 5: final physical test

March 5th 8am to 11pm. First come, first test. NO MAKE UP TIMES. Please schedule your calendar accordingly. The final test is a series of exercises to test how you've changed physically. Strength and endurance. The purpose of the test is not perfection. It's about showing up. Doing something that intimidates you. Walking through the fire and still trying your best! Failure to attend the final test will result in a disqualification. Simply put... you cannot win without attending the test!

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