75% of TeamSam members are ladies. They almost always say their goal is to "build a nice ass and a flat stomach."


The butt muscles (glutes) are just like any other muscle. They have to be put under some weight to change! Cardio will not build an ass. Deadlifts, Hip Thrusts, Squats and Lunges will.

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We recommend all members start with at least one Butt & Leg class, and one Upper Body lift per week. Then fill in with an extra cardio class or two. As your body gets stronger, add an extra lifting day. Then an extra cardio. 


The TeamSam Booty Queens is a tribe. They train Booty and Legs twice per week, with upper body and cardio included. As a Booty Queen member, you are a full member to our studio!

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Check out the full schedule below. Click the button below to schedule a week free of any class!

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